• Student Pre-Registration

    I hereby register my child in the Touch of Class Dance Studio Program.  New registering students will pay a one-time registration fee of $20.00.   I agree that payment for each month will be paid during the first week of the month. For all monthly tuition that is not paid in full the first week of each month a $10.00 late fee will be assessed for balances that are 14 days overdue.  I further agree to pay a $25.00 returned check fee for checks cashed and returned from our banking institution.  Dishonored checks and or credit cards will incur an additional fee of $35.00, or as much as allowed by law.

    Should collection become necessary by legal suit or other means, the customer agrees to pay all cost of collection including attorney fees, court costs, including charges and collection agency fees which would be 35% of the balance assigned, with or without suit.

    Release: I hereby release Touch of Class Dance Studio and all staff officials from all claims of damages or injury suffered by the above registered student in connection with or by the association with Touch of Class Dance Studio.  This includes my heirs who may not act on behalf.

    I also agree to give 30 day written notice to Touch of Class Dance Studio when my child/student will no longer be attending classes.  MONTHLY fees will continue to incur until such notice is given and received. 

    By signing and submitting the online registration form I have read and understand the terms of the above contract, and agree to abide fully by its terms. I have also read and understand the program information contained with in our web page.

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