Studio Policies & Info

Observation Policy

During the COVID-19 social distancing, we will not allow parents in the lobby area to observe classes. Students learn better in a class with no distractions. We find it very difficult to keep the student’s attention with parents, children, babies, and visitors present.  Please, NO other children can be present in order to keep the class focused on learning with minimal distractions.  If the parent becomes a distraction from the teaching process you will be asked to leave the foyer while that class is in session

Classroom Attire

Students wearing class uniform contributes to class discipline and helps the instructor to spot needed correction and the flow of the routine. Hair should be pulled back, black pants or shorts and Touch of Class black dance top is required in all classes.  Additional dancewear items can be purchased at the studio.  NO LEVI’S or STREET CLOTHES SHOES ALLOWED IN DANCE ROOMS.

Holiday Schedule

Our Holiday schedule follows the Davis County Schools holiday schedule. Please make note of recognized holidays the studio will be closed.

Labor Day – UEA – Halloween – Thanksgiving – Two weeks over Christmas & New Years – Presidents Day –  Spring Break – Easter – Memorial Day – Full Month off after the 4th of July