• Absolutely amazing! Great environment and teachers! I love that they teach the girls to compete in a positive and respectful way. Everyone is always included and the progress I've seen within my daughter is amazing! So happy to be part of this studio can't wait for many more great years at TOC! Truly another name for family

    V La Giglia

  • Can I just say what a complete blessing this company has been for my crazy lil girl? She has had set backs in life and I was worried she wouldn't be able to do it. The instructors are amazing and cute and patient with the kids. My girl has been there since she turned 3 and I believe that she has grown and has made leaps and bounds not only in dance but in life because of TOC! This place hold a special place in my heart and I owe them all a Huge thanks! Plus the dancers rock!

    Stephanie Olson Beckham

  • My girls (5 & 7) have loved it from day 1, and they have learned so much! It has helped with their confidence and they love the teachers, they are so nice. We love TOC!

    Angie Shumway

  • We love to learn and just be in this environment, it’s a really happy place!

    Margaret Brown

  • We learned more in an hour lesson here than we had for years in a previous dance Studios. The instructors make class fun for all the students and take time to instruct and help each student progress in there love of the art of dance. They provide constructive positive correction and work on building each students self esteem. My kids truly love this studio and all there teachers!

    Becky Salazar